Memorial Websites

these times hurt.

It’s difficult enough losing a loved one, and we’re isolated enough.  People have gathered together to mark the passing of a loved one since before recorded history.  Since mid-2020, doing so has meant risking our health, and in many cases been simply and flatly denied us.  Memorial websites are a great option!

After producing a few online services for church, we were asked by a friend to memorialize a parent suddenly taken from us, and it was an honor to go live with a lovely tribute site in a couple of hours.

We suggest a simple landing page for memorial websites with either a portrait of your beloved or an initial memorial statement or eulogy.  Additional pages can be added for memories, toasts, pictures, video, comments & guest book, whatever you like.

If you’d like us to help with an online service, we can edit your videos, build your slideshow, even organize an officiant.  Let us know.