VBOB NET and WordPress

Since 2005, we’ve been migrating most of our clientele over to the free, open-source web site software called ‘WordPress”. It’s a community-based project that takes much of the hard work out of coding a website, and thousands of developers have written modules and plug-ins to do almost anything within the framework that you might like. It’s interesting to note that as far as these things can be measured, over a third of today’s web sites are powered by WordPress.

Once you’ve decided on your basic layout (and remember, you can always go back and change it), it’s time to build your content. Whether you’re looking to sell your arts & crafts, build a killer blog, or showcase your latest photography, there’s an app (plugin) for that. Links to additional content, pages, and functions are often automatically placed in the site’s sidebars (adjacent to your main page body, or down below if you’re on a mobile device – like over where it says ‘We love our clients’ on this page), but you can always adjust the presentation to suit your liking.

If you can use a word processor, you can use WordPress. Its built-in Visual Editor makes composing for the web simple and easy, without learning any code or fiddling around with the copy machine. Its built-in spam interceptors and CAPTCHA forms let you leave your site open for comments without page after page of bad links and comment spam.

We’re glad to handle basic WordPress installation and configuration when you select VBOB NET for your web hosting needs. We’ll handle customization, maintenance and upgrades for you, if you like, and whether you’re a WordPress pro, if it’s your choice to dive in and learn how to build a site yourself, or if you just wish to tell us what you want and sit back while the magic happens, you won’t be disappointed.

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Note: Most WordPress installations use under 100 MB of disk space and qualify for our lowest-tier hosting prices. If your site is very graphic intensive or uses a lot of pictures, expect to pay more for space and bandwidth. The industry term for what we offer is ‘self hosted blog’, even though we’re doing the actual hosting for you. The difference between using us and one of the big blog farms is our great value-added service. Not to mention that you’ll be using your own domain name (dot com address) instead of being a subdomain on somebody else’s URL. We think that looks a lot more professional. Oh yeah, and when you lease a domain name, that means you can use it for email, too. Just no FrontPage, please. Ack.