Prices for plain ol’ webhosting by the month:

Super Saver Hosting
100 MB disk, 1 GB monthly transfer
$ 7.50
per month
Premier Hosting
250 MB disk, 5 GB monthly transfer
$ 15.00
per month
Signature Hosting
500 MB disk, 10 GB monthly transfer
$ 30.00
per month
Enterprise Hosting
1 GB disk, 20 GB monthly transfer
$ 60.00
per month

WordPress Training …$20.00 per hour

Domain Names (like  …  $29.95 per year
New!  Include your domain name with your hosting:
Saver with domain name  …  $12.50 per month / $137.50 per year
Premier with domain name   …  $20.00 per month / $220 per year
Signature with domain name … $35.00 per month / $385 per year
Enterprise with domain name … $65.00 per month / $715 per year
No Contracts!

SSL (HTTPS:) Certificates … $30/year and up, installed.
The most basic ‘padlock’ certs are pretty cheap.  ‘Green bar’ certs are more expensive. SSL certificates are absolutely necessary if you’re doing business on the web (to encrypt personal information like credit cards), not so much if you just want a ‘brochure site’.

Steep additional fees must be charged for unexpected extra drive space and/or bandwidth overages. Always feel free to contact us in advance if you have unusual needs.

You’ll never see a bill for installation, setup or support. The above prices are for hosting only, and unless stated do not include domain names, training or additional programming.

Our policy’s always been to buy the last month when you prepay for a year.
That’s not a sale, that’s just a great offer!