The Fine Print:

Here are our simplified terms of service and acceptable use policies, also commonly known as our ‘TOS & AUP’.
Sorry they’ve gotten so long, but a couple of ‘bad apples’ have spoilt the ‘easy ride’ for everyone:

When inquiring for the first time, please let us know how you found us. We are not actively seeking new clients, and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any (or no) reason.


NEWSLETTERS and MAILING LISTS must use a double-opt-in system to ensure your recipients are willing to receive your content and must include a positive link to UNSUBSCRIBE. Any of your mail recipients rejecting more than three (3) messages will be removed from your list for you and repeated rejections may incur a service fee not to exceed $50 per address removed. We watch outgoing mail closely and are extremely proactive when it comes to annihilating spam. If you are found to be hosting an ‘open relay’ (wherein a third party uses your hosting account to send bulk messages) steps will be taken immediately to shut down the relay and you may or may not be contacted upon discovery. If an ‘open relay’ is part of your marketing strategy, you are encouraged to seek other hosts, as users found intentionally spamming will be denied further services and forfeit any prepayment.


ADVANCED PROGRAMMING and DEVELOPMENT FEES are due upon presentation and, depending on the scope of the project, may require a deposit. REGULAR, MONTH-TO-MONTH HOSTING fees are due at commencement of services and typically billed 14 days in advance of the payment due date. If an account becomes 30-days past due, all websites operated by that user will be suspended until payment for all months past due is made in full. To reconnect the domains, the client will also be assessed a $35 reinstatement fee PER HOSTED DOMAIN, which must be paid, together with all delinquent fees, BEFORE RECONNECTION.  If an account should remain delinquent more than 60 days, termination will become permanent, all data will be wiped from the server(s), and the client will be referred to a collections agency. NO BACKUP OR ARCHIVAL COPIES WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE BY THE WEB HOST, no further hosting services will be available to the customer while in collections, and if the customer wishes to obtain future hosting from us, besides the initial debt, interest, and fees payable to collections, an advance deposit of two months’ services and the same $35 reinstatement fee per domain will be required to reopen the account and restart services. We reserve the right to refuse to reestablish services if your account has been suspended or terminated excessively (so … don’t make it a habit).


BACKUP copies are routinely created by this web host and will be made available upon request so long as the account is in good standing, e.g. to maintain quality of service in the event of server downtime or for migration. If your account is in arrears, as stated above, the client has no right to claim any data.  In other words, if you plan to stop paying, make your own dang backup! Backups will be made available under these limited conditions to the original client only, and to no third party except as required by law.

Updated 2/1/15