Why So Ugly?

You’ve probably noticed that our site has changed recently, and doesn’t look as fancy on your desktop any more.  That’s because Google (and other search engines) have noticed the vast uptick in mobile browsing.  Google reports that now over 60% of web searches come from phones and other mobile devices, and have adjusted their search algorithms to index mobile-friendly sites and pages first, and scores those pages in their results for readability and convenience on mobile devices.  It’s not enough to have a mobile version of your website anymore, the site must be fast, responsive, and easy to navigate.

We noticed a big slip in our search engine rankings, and while we’re not currently actively looking for new clients, we still want to be easy to find when you Google “vbob”.  That’s not so simple any more now that somebody has named a gun after us.  So mobile indexing and good SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) are important to us, and probably are to you, too, if you’re doing any sort of business on the web.

Do yourself a favor and consider these things when building or revamping your site. It’ll make a big difference in your SEO (and your bottom line).