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Many of our clients have been with us as long as 20 years because of our outstanding service.  We take pride in doing extremely modern things, always starting with old fashioned customer care.

We have decades of experience manifesting the online visions of friends, family and strangers (who become friends)We host & include enhanced update & security support for dozens of WordPress sites. Some of our clients build their own sites and handle their own SEO, others have no idea what any of it means and just want a website that gets the results they need. 

We’re pleased to support you, whatever you want to do online, with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

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Whether you want to sell, inform, network, motivate, or entertain, you need to (at least) consider what we call Full Stack Development:

concept & visualization

What do you want to do, sell, facilitate, or increase awareness of?

content & appearance

Your words, be they in pages, blog posts or a podcast, need to be unique, informative, authoritative, motivational, and easy to read or hear.

  • Proofreading & Editing ( it must sound professional to your target audience.)
  • Photographs / Graphics / Artwork (if it doesn’t look great, people leave.)
  • Image Editing & Optimization for web (often automatic, optional.)
  • Color Matching, palettes & balance (if you’re visually oriented.)
  • Composition: Fonts, Headings & Layouts (if it’s clunky, forget it.)
  • Backgrounds & Headers / Footers (overall appearance is always important.)

site structure

  • User Experience (UX): ease of use, form & function
  • Menus / Tabs / Pages / Links (in & out)
  • Getting found – Search Engine Optimization (SEO & SERP) and the flip side, maintaining your privacy.


  • Ongoing new/scheduled content, maintenance, and proactive support.

We hope this gives you something to think about when you’re getting started. We have specialists ready to work with you on any or all of the above, so make some notes and when you’re ready, contact one of our friendly, helpful nerds.

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