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Web Architects since 1990

about vbob net
LA trained. Shasta raised.

Web Architecture is a curious field.  One needs experience with a wide variety of software packages and getting them to talk to each other.  Knowing a few programming languages helps, but our job is more about taking the client’s vision and manifesting it in the (Virtual) world.

Our founder, “Virtual” Bob got that nickname in 1990 because he was remotely editing & publishing an award winning print newsletter (remember those?) … by fax and floppy disk, before e-mail.  When the internet had grown to 50,000 users, vbob hand coded an early CMS to bring that newsletter online to save the club a few thousand dollars a year.

The move from print layouts to the screen was a natural one, with experience in publishing and a fascination with computer science since childhood,  vbob was born to take the print world online, and as soon as there was a GUI for the web, he was building websites for family and friends.  Soon he added hosting and support to the portfolio while working toward a career in hospitality management (and that’s all about customer service, too!)  

Building databases grew out of desktop IT support, and interfacing them with websites was a quantum leap in usefulness.  Today’s web services, development and support are a natural mix, and we’re rapidly building our client list by doing it all with one thought foremost: old fashioned customer service.

This means we’re focused on one thing: your satisfaction.